Room 211

kronalion_room211-roomkronalion_room211-detailkronalion_room211-bedkronalion_room211-reflectionkronalion_room211-webRoom 211 is a subversion of traditional decor, and challenges the conventional strategies involved in the design of hotel rooms. The typical hotel guest spends a large part of their stay in bed. To address this fact, the physical “wallpaper,” typically found on walls, was hung from the ceiling, so that the bed became the ideal vantage point. Great care was also taken to finely detail and craft an extensive variety of flowers. This allowed the slow discovery of new objects and spatial moments not visible upon first glance.

Room 211 uses paper, a seemingly modest and inexpensive material, to create a lush and luxurious canopy. The definition of a conventional light fixture is also expanded, taking advantage of the translucency of the paper to soften light and cast shadows – creating, during waking hours, an ephemeral wallpaper. The white colour palette was used to magnify the quality of light in the room, to create instant visual impact, and to retain paper’s visual identity.

Photo by Agata Piskunowicz.


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