kronalion_menagerie-imgelephant kronalion_menagerie-imglobster

kronalion_menagerie-imglizard kronalion_menagerie-imghorsekronalion_menagerie-imgrhino kronalion_menagerie-imgtonguekronalion_menagerie-imgwaterbuffalokronalion_menagerie-imghornsAs a product, paper is advanced yet basic, natural yet polluting, valuable yet commoditized, and it is this complexity that is explored in Menagerie. Collaborating with photographers Saty + Pratha, KRONA & LION set out to create magic out of this most ‘common’ of materials. A series of pieces were designed and fabricated to symbolize the evolution, celebration, and possible extinction of paper as a medium. Each piece showcases hundreds of hand-cut flowers – modest on their own, but whimsical when together.

With Saty + Pratha

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